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Man, Cancer and Community Care from Camperdown Fitness.

By wtrnr | In Uncategorized | on August 30, 2015

I am pleased to say this story of mine is interesting but I have to warn you my story is a vehicle to thank the owners and staff Of Camperdown Fitness for their time, financial l support and personal attention.

My story starts with a brief overview of my weight loss to date..

With my starting weight of 131.00kg and after a considerable amount of hard work and personal focus I was able to get my weight down to 92kg, with time on my side and yet a closer focus on diet and drive in the gym I pushed my weight down to 82kg, little did I know but cancer was the driving force that made me lose 10kg in just under two weeks (92kg-82kg ). .

During this weight loss process (May 2014) it became apparent that the health issues I had been experiencing for months were dramatically increasing in frequency and severity. This issue was eventually diagnosed as a large and advanced cancerous growth on my kidney. Thankfully, this was removed in June of 2014 along with the adjoining Lymph glands.

Well when the operation was completed the race was on to mend the surgical scars, get back to the gym and get back to work.

Unfortunately in November 2014, I had that horrible all over sick feeling yet again and yes I feared the worst. After a race to the specialist and another series of scans another cancer was found in my lung. So yet again the race was on to have yet another operation to remove this unwanted intruder from my body. As of December 2014 this second cancer (lung) was removed and the race to get back to the gym, good health and work started once again. .

Well as you can see from the lack of a rounding up of this story things have become a little more complex.

As of March 2015 my body gave me the very clear indication that I was ill yet again, at this point I would love to say, I love to be right (as do most people) but this time I would have loved to have been wrong. After another visit to the specialist and yet more scans another cancer was found in my other lung. I am pleased to report that I have surgery booked in for April 2015 to have this cancer removed. I am confidently expecting a clean bill of health and a clean hit at my life after this operation..

Camperdown Fitness Gym & Community

I am pleased to say that after joining the Camperdown Fitness Gym I have never felt so at home in a gym.

If you are a professional power lifter, passionate body builder, crazy cardio fitness aficionado, keen x-fit or general fitness client you will find a home at Camperdown Fitness Gym.

The Training Facilities

I have found the facilities at Camperdown Fitness to be professionally fitted out, comprehensive in the range of machines and free weights available to be used and I am pleased to say these are impeccably maintained. Due to the massive range of free weight and machines I am pleased to say there is very rarely any waiting time to use any of the facilities. This is a real blessing when you are time critical and you have a specific training program to push on with.

Changing Facilities

To me this is an area of great importance, when time is an issue and you need to race off to work straight from the gym, it is crucial to have clean well presented and more than adequate lockers, showers, seats and toilet cubicles to use. And as expected Camperdown Fitness has got the balance right in this area also.

Camperdown Team

I am pleased to say that the Camperdown team: (owners, staff and trainers alike) are not only professional, warm and accommodating but very personable. It does not matter if you walk in to the gym at 4.30am or 12.00pm you are greeted with a kind smile and professional and attentive staff member.

The Gym the People and Me

I have found the Camperdown Fitness team to have been so very supportive in every aspect of our relationship, not only has the gym assisted me with training cost while I was off work and fighting to get my fitness back, but the trainers and staff have been personally attentive during my trials with cancer.
At this point I feel it appropriate to offer my deepest personal thanks to Paul Vella, Michael Wood, owners of the Camperdown Fitness Gym for everything they have done for me. Joey Sheather (personal trainer) for his time effort and friendship over this trying time.

My thanks to the staff that greet me at the door each morning and the owners and trainers that pass me in the gym and say a simple hello. It is clear to me that “everyone is someone in the Camperdown Fitness community”.

It would be remiss of me to not thank the most important person in my life. I wish to thank my loving and most attentive partner Fiona MacRitchie. Without your understanding, love, support and tolerance I would have had a much tougher time over the last year.

Clive Before

131 KG

82 KG and Cancer was having a good go.

82 KG and Cancer was having a good go.

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