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Powerlifting has rapidly grown its momentum in the past 10 years even reaching right down into the mainstream fitness.

The term Powerlifting is nothing new, having been a recognised form of competition by the International Powerlifting Federation since 1972.

Powerlifting was a sport that gradually grew from strongmen displaying godly like feats of strength performing at circuses and novelty events. Odd lifts such as the back press, deep knee bend, the belly toss, the wrestlers bridge, the barbell curl, the one arm swing, up-right row and behind the neck press were just some of the founding lifts that drew in men from all around the world, each wanting to crown himself as the strongest man in the world.

Modern Powerlifting found its momentum firstly in the USA then spreading into many of the European countries with each federation following a very similar set of rules and disciplines. Powerlifting is the discipline of 3 major compound lifts, each playing a vital part in structurally strengthening the body. Today’s definition of Powerlifting is Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

Both male and female following the same set of rules, each falling into weight, age, and equipped categories. Many top-level sporting teams and coaches from NFL, Wrestling, Sprinting, Golf and Boxing all make use of Powerlifting training because of its functionality with relative strength.

With Powerlifting membership in Australia jumping over 500% in the last 5 years, and some 40% of those being female its safe to say that Powerlifting is rapidly becoming a very popular activity for both girls and guys. Many of the female Powerlifting population choose to switch between physique competitions and Powerlifting throughout the year just going to show that the training style of Powerlifting isn’t limited to just one lifestyle.

The Powerlifting community consistently bands together to host events never before seen in size and strength. The latest national level competition had 265 lifters attend. A large show of strength for an Australian sporting organization once thought to be just an underground sport for big men with beards and bad odour.

Powerlifting has no age limits either, with divisions that even cover the over 80’s. Here at Camperdown Fitness we have a number of athletes in the over 50’s

Camperdown Fitness aims to cater for all strength sports by providing a world-class facility for both male and female Powerlifters, Physique competitors and Crossfitters. If you are new to the gym and would like to come in and speak to any number of our fitness professionals then please don’t hesitate to drop by and make an appointment or see just for yourself what its all about.